Face brush for buffing, suitable for all textures
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Brush with a flat, even cut for uniform application of foundation, base, powder. The shape of the brush allows you to very thinly, carefully distribute and blend the cosmetic product.


Ideal for buffing. Helps to visually even out the skin texture with the help of decorative products.


Incredibly soft, elastic brush is incredibly pleasant to touch thanks to the combination of high-quality synthetic and natural pile.


The brush has high longevity and wear resistance. It's easy to care for.


The makeup brush from the limited collection has a luxurious design. The handle is made of premium ash wood and is twice varnished. Brass ferrule securely holds the base of the brush. The combination of wood and “gold" creates a very noble look. The brush will serve you for a long time, will become a dressing table decoration and your favorite go-to brush!


Suitable for both professional and home use.


How to Use:


1. Apply a makeup product.

2. Blend with a brush.


The result: smooth and even skin, tight application of decorative.


Care Tips: When using cream products, the brush must be cleaned after each application. If you use a brush to apply dry textures, it is enough to wipe the pile with a dry or wet cloth.


1. Apply a small amount of cleanser to the brush pile.

2. Gently rinse the brush pile under running water.

3. Make sure water doesn't get into the ferrule (the base of the brush).

4. Dry the brush in a horizontal position.

5. Store the brush in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Pile: premium goat pile, naturon

Ferrule: brass

Shaft: ash wood 

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