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Eye makeup brush kit

Eye makeup brush kit

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SHIK Brush kit for eye makeup with brush hairs made from premium quality goat hair. Exclusive development of Natalia Shik for making perfect eye makeup.

Brush 204 is ideal for concealer application. Its anatomic shape provides fast working of under eyes area.  It works with dry and creamy products, shades highlighter beautifully.

Brush 205 has round shape for soft shading and clear shaping. Suits for dry and creamy textures, can be used for concealer.

Brush 206 is flat brush for eyeshadows.  Works with creamy and dry textures. Helps to apply sparkle eye-shadow beautifully.

Brush 207 has actual oblong shape with thick hairs. Ideal for deepening shades and creating shapes at the ciliary margin.

Brush 208 has flat shape for detailed work out of the ciliary margin.

Brush 209 of round shape for accurate delicate work and pencil shading.

Handle length: 17 cm

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