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Limited SHIK brush set includes 17 brand bestsellers to make makeup of any complex. Must have for professionals! 

Brushes in the set: 
- Brush # 01 made of taklon with squirrel substitute for powder, blusher and dry textures. Very soft brush gives weightless coating. 
- Brush # 02 made of taklon makes easy to apply the foundation, spread evenly the primer on the face, blends the sculptor and blusher. Suitable for creamy and dry products. Universal brush and bestseller of the brand. 

- Brush # 03 made of taklon to create a natural slight color on the cheeks. 
- Brush # 04 made of premium quality goat hair has flat shape. Suitable to work with dry textures. Designed to apply the highlighter, blusher and sculptor. 

- Brush # 05 made of taklon is developed to apply foundation, blusher, concealer and corrector. 
- Brush # 06 made of taklon for working out the orbital line. Gives effect of weightless shading. 
- Brush # 07 made of taklon for pencil technique. The brush has non-classical shape which allows fast and clean working with a pencil. 

- Brush # 08 made of premium quality goat hair has unique shape. It helps to create a light haze of shadows. Its pointed edge helps to get clear lines. 

- Brush # 09 made of premium quality goat hair for perfect shading. Anatomic brush shape ideally fit the orbital line. Different ways of brush pressure vary the color saturation. 

- Brush # 10 made of goat hair is developed for detailed shading. Due to the increased elasticity, it retains its shape for a long time and works with any textures.

- Brush # 11 made of mix goat hair and goat hair imitation. Due to its base shape the brush is suitable for eyeshadows application and soft shading. 

- Brush # 12 made of goat hair imitation. This “brush-pencil” has pointed shape and works with different textures, shades eyeshadows and pencil by ciliary margin. Pointed edge is ideal for making accents in makeup. 

- Brush # 13 made of taklon in the shape of “petal” for eyeliner. The brush angled edge helps to create a thin line and ideal arrow tip, while the flat plane fills the arrows line.

- Brush # 14 is fan-shaped for detailed work with the lashes roots. Made of taklon. The brush helps to color the lower eyelashes, apply mascara in a thin layer, and remove excess. 

- Brush # 15 is metal eyelash comb. Designed to separate stuck together eyelashes and remove lumps of mascara.

- Brush # 16 made of taklon for lips makeup. Flat shape helps to apply product evenly, while pointed edge makes clear outline. 

- Brush # 17 is universal tool. On the one hand this is a broom, on the other hand this is a brush made of taklon with thin angled edge. Works with different structures. 

Brush case goes free.

Handle length: 17 cm

Таклон, премиальная коза.

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