Eyebrow brush for perfect drawing of single hairs
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The brush for applying decorative products is made of natural raccoon pile. Moderately soft, with slanted shapea, ideal for working with different textures.


In one motion, you can quickly style your eyebrows with the help of pomade, powder or shadows. The brush evenly distributes the product easily coloring even the thickest and fluffiest hairs.


A thin angled tip allows you to draw single hairs to achieve the effect of thick eyebrows.


The elegant black design of the brush with silver inserts will emphasize the impeccable taste of its owner.


How to Use:


1. Gather the product on a brush with a beveled tip.

2. Carefully color your eyebrows.

3. Fill in the gaps between the hairs.

4. Use a brush to shape your eyebrows.


Result: works out thick hairs.


Length: 13 cm

Lint: Raccoon pile

Ворс: енот

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